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May. 1st, 2017 04:06 pm
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if you're here, I'm gonna guess you know the drill already. that being said, if not: tell me if I'm flying with the eagles or I'm going to get booted off the team!

comments are screened, I accept concrit, plots, and praise. thanks.
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veronica sawyer here. leave a message after the beep.
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CHARACTER NAME: Veronica Sawyer
SERIES: Heathers the Musical
CHRONOLOGY: Post-Dead Girl Walking (Reprise), pre-I Am Damaged
CLASS: Anti-hero. Veronica starts in the hero category, but slides into anti-hero (one would argue anti-villain) once she's with the Heathers and then JD, before settling on anti-hero at the end of the musical.
HOUSING: De Chima #3, if that's okay! I've already asked the players there for permission and they agreed.

yo, girl, keep it together. )


May. 3rd, 2017 09:50 am
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Backtagging: sure!
Threadhopping: sure!
Fourthwalling: OKAY so this is a tricky bit. you're free to recognize Veronica if your character is into cult classics, tho they might wonder why she does not look like Winona Ryder. pls don't tell her about the musical.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): other than non-con I am chill.

Hugging this character: sure!
Kissing this character: haha ok sport but don't expect her to be happy with it.
Flirting with this character: sure I guess, but she's not exactly into being flirted with.
Fighting with this character: YES DO IT
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): we can talk this out on a case by case basis, but as a general rule I'm fine with anything except injuries to the eyes. it's just a squick.
Killing this character: let's talk this out on a case by case basis. generally pls don't go and murder her unless I've said so while plotting for events.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: haha sure why not! as a note, though, Veronica's head is not a fun place to be in. there's the occasional hallucination of Heather Chandler, Kurt Kelly, and Ram Sweeney, there's her crushing guilt and self-hatred, there's a mix of grief and anger about JD—she's kind of incredibly traumatized. also she has a diary, so even non-telepathic characters might be able to figure out what she's feeling re: things.

Warnings: Heathers is a canon that, in both movie and musical forms, brings up some very sensitive subject matter and treats them very flippantly most of the time. murder and suicide (faked, attempted, and real) are the most obvious warnings, but Veronica also has also encountered unhealthy relationships, mental health issues (ie PTSD), bullying, underage drinking, attempted date rape, and her very own hallucinations of her dead classmates. there's a chance she might end up referring to these in her tags in an oblique way, but I'll try to tread carefully around them.

Power: See the Me Inside of Me:
thanks to MOM, Veronica now has the ability to see or hear other people's guilt, in the form of who knows what, and in exchange other people get to see her guilt manifesting in the form of her ghosts! however, this ability is tied into her emotional state, and will only activate if she's in emotional turmoil. what this means for your character is that Veronica, by default, will not see any dark and dirty secrets they might have right off the bat, and even if she does, there's no guarantee she'll be able to understand it. see, how she sees a character's guilt is up to you! for example: if she runs into, say, Bucky Barnes, she might only be able to see flashes of some incredibly gory scenes of death and torture and won't be able to string them into a coherent picture.

meanwhile Bucky's going to wonder why this kid has another kid in a red nightgown and two guys in their skivvies taunting her.

you can even opt out of this power if you wish! we can handwave a reason as to why it doesn't work. I've even prepared a handy form.


Apr. 16th, 2017 03:59 pm
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As fun as it is, the Heathers musical (as well as the movie it's adapted from) is a black comedy about two teenagers murdering people and staging them to look like suicides. As such, the canons delve into themes of murder and suicide (faked, attempted, and real), but they also bring up self-harm, bullying, peer pressure, mental disorders, slut-shaming, date rape, homophobia, violence, unhealthy relationships, school bombings—yeah, there's kind of a lot, treated in a mostly flippant and darkly humorous fashion.

While Veronica will not be confessing her dark past of accidentally becoming an accomplice to murder, she did have an unhealthy relationship that ended in her ex-boyfriend blowing himself up in the football field after failing to blow up the school, and she did end up in a clique led by someone who bullied people around, and over the course of the show she has hallucinations of the three people she ended up helping to kill (if they are hallucinations, the show is ambiguous). So she's not exactly the healthiest character there is.

If, for the reasons listed above or for any other reason at all, you don't want to tag Veronica, or you do want to tag her but you want me to step lightly around the minefield of her canon, let me know here and we can work something out! Comments are screened, so feel free.

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